Barrie Keast
Having attended courses with Ged, Claire and Kathy and having attained BTEC Level 4 with Tri-Coaching, this course I have found more informative, and delivered in PLAIN ENGLISH. Bob’s enthusiasm is infectious.

George Popowycz
Better information than DIA and NJC. Good tutor very approachable. Good overall experience would recommend.

Julie Roberts
Compared to the Standards Check course run by the DIA, this made a lot more sense. Bob dispelled alot of myth and simplified my understanding of what is now required. I am now able to go away with the knowlegde and guidance of how best to adapt my current coaching techniques and prepare for my standards test. I’m also looking forward to experimenting with my pupils and building my confidence and ability further

David Mckiernan
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being there when you were really needed.  I’ve just completed a really successful day using my new found skills 6 of my 7 clients said that they enjoyed the new learning experience and it was very rewarding for them obtaining new skills.  I will be in contact soon regarding more courses.

Neil Temperton
Once again, thank you so much for hosting the CCL  Course . I found it to be extremely enlightening with regards to my impending standards check test [Obtained a grade A]. My congratulations to you on the way you presented and delivered the course . You gave me the knowledge and confidence to walk into test knowing in minute detail what to to expect. The coaching techniques you covered on should invaluable in my future development as a driving instructor.

Mark Thompson
Very helpful and has dispelled all the concerns I had. I’m also armed with real information and not rumour control.

Stewart Bailey
Having previously studied the examiners criteria, this workshop provided additional knowledge not previously considered. The workshop explains what and why, and also a bit of how, which was probably the most useful part for me.



Steve Ford
I enjoyed the course and found it both informative and enlightening. Your style and approach was, in my opinion, spot on. Having attended other coaching courses, I was fairly enlightened as to what coaching was. However the common sense approach was a great reassurance that I do not need to abandon my approach to learners. As I think you said on the day, sometimes you just have to accept that coaching will not always work- its not a one cap fits all approach. In short- the course does what is says on the tin.



Jill Thomas
Not sure if I’m going to fluke myself with this email but thought I would let you know my driving test results (since the coaching course) Since the course I’ve done 12 tests, 1 fail, 11 passes of which 8 where 1st time passes Previous 12 tests before course, 6 fail, 6 passes 4 of which where 1st time passes I may be just having a good run and perhaps a bad run before but what I feel is that pupils are making more decisions and not reliant on me for answers all the time as they answer the questions given time ! So in turn when they come to test they don’t feel in an alien situation knowing the examiner isn’t going to help and they are confident their decision is right!
I shall see how the following tests go but feel my Q&A has come on a treat
I would just also like to add you made learning enjoyable and answered all my questions, and the in car training really made me think and improve


Caroline Marritt
I found the course informative in parts and in others it made me look at myself and how I was progressing professionally.
I am referring to the ‘learning progression’. When I first read this sheet, I thought ‘what?’. I had no idea how I intended to move forward. I had become stagnant.
As the course progressed and I spoke about my concerns to Bob, I enrolled on a day course for Hypnotherapy in order to teach nervous drivers. However, I did not feel that this course was right for me.
So I went back to Bob and we spoke at length about what I did enjoy and I have decided to enrol on the PTLLS course when that becomes available and also to train as a fleet instructor when that becomes available too.
I feel that my coaching skills are still in the early stages and that training as a fleet instructor will help me to develop them.
I would not have considered any of this without the help and the support of Bob, as I was not motivated to find out about any of the information in regards to funding, nor had I considered coaching as opposed to instructing pupils.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was short and manageable and fitted in nicely with my pupils. I am looking forward to the next one and the one after that.


Graham Tuffey
Bob is an experienced and knowledgable Driving Instructor and Trainer.
I have always found Bob’s attitude to be encouraging and enthusiastic and there always seems to be an element of fun in every session he conducts. I cannot think of a better person to provide ADI training.



Jerry Sowerby
I recently completed the coaching course and found it very usefull and helpfull, it gave me an insight into coaching instead of just teaching something I am now trying to incoparate into my lessons, I found the presentation to be of the highest order it was full of usefull information and delivered with aplomb and humour ensuring we were never bored.



Trev Johnson
From the outset nothing was too much trouble for Bob. It started with been supplied with all the materials needed for the course to be taken away for the work to be done at home having it pointed out to do workbooks 1 and 2. This was followed by a classroom session where we went through the LDC system now adopting the coaching technique, which made things a lot clearer as to delivering this method of learning to drive. The next session was an in-car assessment on coaching and mentoring which was thought provoking. I always found Bob inspirational because he was always enthusiastic and really believes in what he is passing on, and when something in home study wasn’t clear I only had to pick up the phone and he would put me on the right track.


Stan Williams
It was a positive experience for me so thanks for your time and patience.
I have tried to take on board what I learned during the course and am relating it to my working routines and practices.
This is of course a conitiuing process as I identify areas where I can improve what I do to improve the learning experience for each student.
I have had two new students start in the last couple of weeks so am paying particular attention to my use of coaching where appropriate. It’s very tempting in the early stages to give detailed instruction and this can be the quickest way to make what seems like a lot of progress in a very short time…the down side is that the student just learns how to drive like the instructor says it should be done without valuing the skill and knowledge learned….Easy come – easy go!
I was delivering a “Turn in the Road” lesson yesterday and used a combination of coaching and a minimum of instruction and the result was that the student completed the turn in the road successfully with very little instruction and no frustration for either of us…Reuslt!
Apart from the essential advice about staying safe during the manouevre the lesson brief was simly a square drawn on a notepad saying drive slowly into each of the four corners of the square.


Nesta Major
Recently I attended a coaching course organised by Bob. Initially I was a bit nervous about what to expect but Bob soon put me at ease with his friendly banter. It was good that he was trying out some coaching skills himself so realised some of the problems we faced. We could then work through ideas together. It was an enjoyable course and gave me the confidence to try new techniques which makes learning interesting for me and the pupil.



Darrell Miles

I am a retired Police Officer and Police Driver Trainer.
The Police Service trained me over a 7-year period in the coaching style of training, with which I am very proficient.
I commenced my 3 day induction course, which was conducted by Bob Morton.
From the outset it was clear that Bob truly believed in the coaching style of training that he was introducing to most of the class for the first time. He could not have been any more enthusiastic had he tried.
The first day of the course was geared around coaching and trying to help the students new to this method to understand and embrace it.
Throughout the time on the course I found not only Bob but the rest of the team at LDC to be very friendly and approachable, with a professional but family like atmosphere throughout the building.
As a result of this I already feel that if I need any advice or help in any way, all I need do is pick up the phone or call in to the office.
Thanks for a great course Bob, I am now raring to go!


Des Sancho
Thank you Bob for a very well delivered course which I found very useful. Having you there to help explain things and your great advice made the course more enjoyable and worthwhile. I thought your people skills were excellent and always felt if I needed any help you were always there.


David Smart
I thought the course was informative and well structured. Enough information without being overwhelmed with too much. Delivered with empathy for the subject and a light hearted note when appropiate. Bob’s delivery is concise but not patronising, involvement and feedback encouraged at every opportunity